We are moving!

If all goes well, your email subscriptions will transfer with me.  If you have any trouble, you should be able to continue to find me at the same website address: http://cowtownquilts.com/, just a different provider,

Welcome to Cowtown Quilts, where we run with the cows. 

Hopefully you have come here because you like quilts and quilting.  I am a professional, full-service, long-arm quilter who does the quilting for others.  Services I provide span the entire quilting range; from simple all over designs for the budget-minded to custom, heirloom and show-quality for the person who would like his or her quilt to have more complicated designs.  I also love making T-Shirt quilts!

Quilting Schedule

I am booked until November 6, 2015.  If you would like for me to quilt for you, you do not need to have your quilt top finished.  I can go ahead and add your name to the queue and will contact you when I am almost ready for your quilt.  If your quilt top is not ready when it is your turn, I will simply move on to the next person in line.  You will remain at the top of the list until I finish your quilt.  The only request I have for this policy is that you will have your quilt top ready within three months – this makes it a little more fair for others who are also in the queue or are wanting their quilt finished on a deadline.  And, it makes it easier for me to plan.  Thank you for considering me for your quilting projects and heirlooms!

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